Honeymoon Fund!

It is Chinese custom to give a red envelope containing monetary gifts as a blessing of happiness & good fortune as we start our life together! Enveloped gifts can be given at the tea ceremony for those that plan to go to that event in the morning, or can be given at the reception in the evening. For guests who are more accustomed to providing boxed gifts, we also provided a few options below. Either way, thank you 🙂

In addition to physical items, we also put together a honeymoon fund below. With Ellen being back in school getting her Masters in Nursing, we originally didn’t think she’d be able to get enough time off for us to take a honeymoon. We did our best to time the wedding on the tail-end of her Spring Break so that we can have that week leading up to the big day to do last minute preparation. However, in typical fashion, we got the date wrong & set our wedding on the weekend in the beginning of her Spring Break! So now it looks like she is off for the whole week after the wedding & it seems that there is time to do a honeymoon after all 🙂