Meet the Briday Party. Who are these people?!


Ellen & Courtney met at orientation @ UT. Courtney has seen all of Ellen’s wildest moments (S.Padre… please don’t blackmail me!) You know what I’m talking about!
The mom in the group, Geanise always has her stuff together. Most likely to call foul when Ellen goes bridezilla. They met at Nursing school @ UT Austin.
Always chill. The easy-going Yin to Ellen’s emotional Yang. Most likely to eat leftovers from the reception (especially in the middle of the night!). Ellen & Jennifer met at Nursing school!
Where to begin! This box is too small! She is Ellen’s sister from another mister. They’ve known each other since they were 12 & 13. Most likely to bring the kleenex!
Ellen has watched Kiana (Adrian’s little sister) grow up from the cute little SpongeBob fan-baby to YouTube sensation (check out her youtube channel!)! #yougonnabeastar #dontforgetme! #kianahearts


Adrian’s best friend since 6th grade. Since their very first gaming session of Tony Hawk pro skater on n64 mixed in with a little Perfect Dark n64, Adrian new they were in the beginning of something beautiful. Michael is Adrian’s best man.
Tim & Adrian met at UT Austin. While Adrian loves to eat, Timmy might out-eat Adrian, especially in the crawfish category. He holds it down! Tim sets a great example of what it means to be a great supportive husband to his wife Geanise (one of Ellen’s bridesmaids) – keep it up, brother!
Tyler is Adrian’s cousin. Adrian remembers when Tyler was just a wee little baby, but he has grown up to become an awesome role model for our younger cousins. He’s currently @ Columbia College Chicago studying Live and Performing Arts Management! Check out his soundcloud!
Cooper! Will is one of Adrian’s other good friends from work. He joined TI about 2 years ago & he fit right in! What a charmer! On day one he somehow weaseled himself into Adrian & Dung’s carpool to/from work. He is also the donut fairy at work. Donuts magically appear every once in a while in the office breakroom thanks to this fella! What a team player.
He also goes by “Doug” but only at Starbucks for the sake of the barista with the sharpie marker. Dung & Adrian are coworkers & actually have written a book together! (buy it from amazon!). One of the wittiest dudes you’ll meet. You gotta stay on your toes with this one!