Adrian & Ellen tie the knot!

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Adrian & Ellen | 3.14.15 @ Dallas, TX

Meet Adrian!



Meet Ellen!

March 1987 / Baby Adrian is born in Hoboken, NJ!
December 1986 / Baby Ellen is born in Metairie, LA!
Some pics of baby Adrian:
Some pics of baby Ellen:
Adrian was born in Hoboken, NJ, but spent most of his childhood in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Unfortunately, Adrian didn’t learn to swim until he moved to San Antonio, TX during 5th Grade as he spent most of his time building sweet sandcastles on the hawaiian beach instead. Adrian would then move to Southlake, TX during 2nd year of high school & decided to go to UT Austin for undergrad.
Ellen was born in Metairie, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. Ellen grew up in the same house that her family moved to when she was a wee little baby. She spent many summers in San Gabriel, CA with her cousins & had many pets including a guinea pig, 2 rabbits, 2 turtles, 2 dogs & a cat! She decided to go to UT Austin to explore the world outside of Louisiana!

Adrian & Ellen met at the Whitis Court Dormitory @ UT Austin. One might frequently find Adrian playing guitar in the common areas or dominating in NFL 2k with the communal Sega Dreamcast. On other days, you would have probably found Ellen eating her daily pint of Bluebell Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from the 7-11 across the street.
How we met (according to Adrian)
Adrian was a young lad, living a simple life of video games, guitar playing and studying (which meant programming physics equations & lecture notes at near-perfect 80 words per minute into his trusty TI-89 calculator). Things would start to change when Ellen got a fancy new haircut & Adrian was smitten! Why hellooooooo! ❤ After Adrian noticed Ellen’s new-do, their paths would begin to intertwine! A few weeks later, Adrian’s competitive nature would get the best of him in a game of capture the flag & he fell on his knee. Fortunately for him, Ellen was also there & swooped in to the rescue nursing Adrian’s knee back to health! With each new encounter, Adrian decided to press his luck and asked Ellen out on a date! But first, as a broke college Freshman, he had to borrow some date funds from his mom & dad (thanks momsie & pops!) ☺
How we met (according to Ellen)
Ellen just moved to UT from Metairie, LA. Between discovering Chipotle, trying queso, eating tubs of mint chocolate ice cream & studying, she didn’t have time for her crazy dorm mates in LLE. In particular, the Hawaiian guy who played guitar at 2am outside her room! As the school year was ending, she decided to try & get to know the people in her dorm. Thus, Whitis Court’s Battle of the Building commenced & Ellen convinced her roomie to participate! They wore togas to class & played capture the flag, but Ellen will always remember the Easter Egg hunt that the so-called Hawaiian-turned-Filipino guy named Adrian had set up. Ellen was the ONLY person to show up since it was her FAVORITE event. She, of course, won the prize (a plush ducky she keeps til this day) & also came to realize “this guy is pretty awesome!” Ellen started spending time with Adrian and his friends. She even liked him enough to patch up his knee when he fell at capture the flag! When Adrian asked her out to sushi, for Ellen, it was like bees to honey and the rest is history!

April 2006 / Our first date @ Kyoto Sushi (duh!)
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This was sushi meal number one of 283,314 and counting. Ellen & Adrian love sushi and it’s a common love that they share together! It’s a shame Kyoto is no longer in business, but the restaurant’s infamous Happy Hour & Longhorn Rolls will live on forever as a first in this love story! Don’t judge the 3 star rating — it was yummy! The waitress was equally impressed/frightened by our huge sushi order! Adrian knew that this was true love as Ellen effortlessly ate her half of the 100 pieces of nigiri sushi that they ordered! With full bellies, Ellen & Adrian would end the night walking through the beautiful capital building in downtown Austin.

Our first concert together! Jack’s Mannequin @ Stubb’s

La La Lie (Live From The El Rey Theatre)

Another first! Adrian & Ellen go to see Jack’s Mannequin. A pop-punk powerhouse of high pitched vocals & catchy piano melodies. Soooooo good. Music would play an important role in this relationship! Little did Ellen know, but she would also take part in some of Adrian’s more aggressive scream-o concerts in the not so distant future as well! ❤

Entering the real world & the move to Dallas
Adrian graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree on May 2009 while Ellen followed shortly after with her bachelors is Nursing on December 2009 from UT Austin! Hook’em!
Adrian accepted a job at Texas Instruments & Ellen got a gig at Doctor’s Hospital at White Rock Lake. They would soon discover one of the finest gems of North Texas… Good2Go Taco, which was just a short drive from Ellen’s work place. Omnomnom.

We’re (pug) parents! Meet Ollie-pants!
Mr. Ollie the pug entered our lives on a fateful frigid February winter morning. Ellen had been wanting a baby puggy for a while & was doing her daily check on Craigslist to see what cute pups were out there! Ellen excitedly flips her laptop around to show Adrian her latest puggy discovery! A litter of baby pugs were up for sale! Minutes later we hop into the car and drive through the treacherous frozen-over roads of snowpacalyptic Dallas. We would meet the craigslist stranger at a remote Circle K Gas Station. It’s freezing & snowing so we head into the gas station & the lady pulls 2 little pugs out of her jacket and on to the slurpee counter. What a handsome baby pug! Ellen & Adrian take a look at the pugs and we choose Ollie!! And everyday since, Ollie’s funny faces, snorting nose & cinnabon tail puts a smile on Adrian & Ellen’s face!


Our first home!
Ellen & I move into our first home together in Allen, TX! After much searching, we found a home that we can’t wait to grow into together! Ollie appreciated the backyard!

The Engagement!
On Feb 13, 2014, Adrian popped the question to Ellen in the most nerdy of fashions. With a go pro strapped to his head, he picked up Ellen from work just like any other day & Adrian hands Ellen a little rubber bouncy ball. When they walk into the house, both Adrian & Ellen’s families are waiting inside! Also waiting inside was an intricate Rube Goldberg machine that Adrian had constructed during the last 4 days! To trigger the machine, we needed Ellen’s rubber bouncy ball with the heart in it.
Side Note: Ellen was not the least bit weirded out by me wearing a GoPro on my head the entire 30 minute drive home!

Countdown to the big day!